Wednesday, November 26, 2014


By,Kate Okyere
The Central Regional Chairman for the National Democratic Congress NDC, Alottey Jacobs has promised to focus on the development of Central Region.
He noted that Central Region which was performing well in tourism is no more taking the lead in tourism, hence he has challenge Central Development Commission to refocus on his mandate to improve tourism sites so as to attract more tourists to the region.
According to Alottey, Central Region is far behind development, and he as the current Regional Chairman will make sure that the region climb higher than the other regions.
Mr. Alottey explained he believes that, political polarization has in a way brought about under development of central region where they always argue about unnecessary issues and always in the side of people against governments in other to gain power and latter fail the people.
He added that, looking at the Cape Coast market where people always fight against its stature and same complains about the stadium is driven away development and for that reason, he is going to work hard to resolve those issues.  
Mr. Alottey added, looking at the industries Dr. Ndoom has established and still establishing, it is a challenge for every person in central region to wake up and come together to build central Region to be as equal as the other regions.
He again said he was the backbone of his incumbent during his time, he helped him to be in office but when he got there, he did not follow the principles and for that matter did not work according to the objectives; that is focusing on the development of central region and once they are in power, he as a good member of the party, has to protect the interest of the party before something bad happens.
He went on that, even though the formal President; John Jerry Rawlings says the delegates shouldn’t vote for corrupt executives, he as the chairman does not know and have not seen anyone being corrupt in the party and moreover Rawlings’ comments should be thrown into the dustbin.                  


By,kate Okyere

The President of Polytechnic Workers’ Association of Ghana (POWAG) Offei – Boahen has urged government to give them back their money for them to manage it.
 He made this known in an interview with Central Press during the elections of Local Executives at Cape Coast Polytechnic, he  said that, the executives of POWAG submitted their document to be registered under the second Tier 2 Pension Fund scheme on 2013 but as of now they have not been registered and excuse the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA) gave was that officials from above their position have told them to hang on.
He further explained that, they are in a total support with the other twelve unions who demonstrated against the second Tier 2 Pension Fund scheme and they have demanded reason why polytechnic workers have not been registered from the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA).
He again explained that, the Rectors of various polytechnics have calmed them to leave the situation in their hands for them to take care of it otherwise they would have demanded for their statement account from National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA).
The President of POWAG added that, looking at the pension law, it’s declares that it’s should be privately managed and everyone knows that anything the government  takes part in managing, the government has a share in it but in this case government has nothing to do with it.
The national president for polytechnic workers association of Ghana, POWAG, has ensured all polytechnic workers in Ghana to take care of their welfare speaking to Central Press
The non-teaching stuff of polytechnics in Ghana have suddenly change their association name that is Technical Education Workers Union (TEWU), to Polytechnic  Association of Ghana (POWAG), due to misappropriate catering of the welfare of their members.
Electing new organization executives  at Cape Coast Polytechnic, the national president for POWAG Mr. Offei-Boahen explained that, every individual joins an organization that will suits his/her welfare and if the welfare of that individual is not well catered for, there is the need for that individual to backup.  
 They will make sure their members contribution come back to them and for that to happen, they have decided that out of the 100% dues their members pay, the local will take 70% and 30% will go to the nation’s coffers he said.
He went on that, unlike the other organization (TEWU) when 80% goes to the nation’s coffers and only 20% comes to the members which is incapable to do anything.
Mr. Offei –Boahen again said that, it is essential to have executives in an association who are also part of the association and they being members of polytechnic workers knows the problems of polytechnic workers and have taking it upon themselves to look out for various issues which is affecting especially the junior staff.
Moreover he said, the executives are going to focus on the welfare of their members, their salaries and their single span salaries which they were restricted to so that they can look at it holistically according to the work and status of the polytechnic.


By: Kate Okyere

The progressive excellence youth organization (PEYORG) in collaboration with Komenda Edina Eguafo   Abrem (KEEA) municipal assembly has advised citizens in KEEA to cooperate with them to improve on sanitation in their communities.

Sanitation has been the major problem in the coastal areas, focusing on KEEA municipal assembly over the years where people ease themselves beside the beaches even if they see people around.

At the social public expenditure and financial accountability forum which was held in KEEA, the board of directors of KEEA Municipal Assembly noted that, by the end of next year, they would have been able to build toilet facilities in almost all the areas in KEEA Municipal Assembly.

The Municipal Coordinator of Komenda Edina Eguafo Abrem, Alhaji  Musa pointed out that, ignorance has been the habit of African’s and therefore Ghanaians in maintaining what they have; they always dream of getting new things, coming across fresh things but maintaining what they already have is out of their concerts.

The citizen’s representatives suggested that, the board of directors should provide them supervisors who will take of the various toilet facilities in the communities and the beaches where there have not been paying taxes so that it can contribute to the development of KEEA municipal assembly.

The youth representative pleaded with the directors to provide the communities a dustbin container or locate a dumping site for them to dump refuse but the chief administrator explained that they do not have any place to give them and that, they being the real citizens will be the right persons to provide a dumping site; the issue is that no person want to give their lands to dump refuse so if the citizens can provide the site, they will help them get the necessary things to begin.

Alhaji Musa therefore advised all citizens in KEEA to avoid putting toiletries into the toilet which makes it full earlier and also it has been the mind set of people that if you pick sand from the sea, it will later be filled but he is assuring them that, the sand which later fills the holes do not come from anywhere but the same sea and if they continue to extract sand from the sea banks, the sea waves will now extend to their various homes.

Friday, November 14, 2014


By: Kwamina Bamfo-Agyei & Kate Okyere
Ebola has affected transport business at the Liberia refugee camp in Central Region. Vehicles were seen at the camp full with goods parked due to the closure of the boarder.
Ebola is an infectious disease marked by fever and severe internal bleeding whose normal host species is unknown. It is transmitted to people from wild animals and spreads in the human population through human to human transmission. According to world health organization, there is no specific treatment or vaccine and the fatality rate can be up to 90% and patient are given supportive care, which includes providing fluids and electrolytes and food.
The Station officer of the Liberia refugee’s camp Ghana Transport Road Union Ekow Eshun made it clear that, drivers at the camp have been suspended from operation for the past six months and it is only the camp officers who open their offices but do nothing.
 He explained that, since the Ebola occurred people do not move from Ghana to Liberia but rumors says people who went to Liberia are infected  by the deadly disease but he can’t say it is the fact until they find out themselves or the disease has been controlled.
He also said that, there has been a camp commander who educates them on the Ebola issue.   Moreover, they try to identify people who have been arrived from non-authorize areas and Liberia to put them on screening.
Andrew, a Liberian who has stayed in Ghana for more than twenty four years expressed his view that, although Ebola is not in the whole Africa, he urges the non-affected countries to assist the affected countries and see how best they can reduce the rate of Ebola.
He also explained in grief that, he has two friends who are dead as a result of Ebola, one was a Liberian and the other a Ghanaian so he is praying to God for his sisters will not be affected.
He went on to explain that, he do not get information directly from his relatives at Liberia but get information only from BBC and CNN.
According to the Central Press  reporter, whiles operations have been suspended, passengers still carry their luggage to the camp hoping a day will come when the Ebola outbreak will be controlled and also try their luck either a truck will move but in this situation, luck does not work only the law operates.