Saturday, August 30, 2014


Kwamina Bamfo-Agyei
Global Host Project has selected twenty females from the surrounding communities within Cape Coast Polytechnic to be trained in fashion designing for one year.
The Country Director and Co-Founder of Global Host Project Kwesi Oduah Sampson noted that the project was aimed at giving empowering the women economically. He said the Fashion Department of Cape Coast Polytechnic is providing the necessary skills for the females and added that after their training they are expected to start their own business hence they have been provided with sewing machines. He noted that the organization paid the one year tuition fee for the beneficiaries.
The beneficiaries were drawn from some selected communities within the Cape Metropolis, thus,
Nanabakrom, Senawin, Ebubonko, Amisano, Amoyaw, Besakrom.
The Head of Department of Fashion Design and Textile Studies, Sophia Pardie Ocran noted that the department will give the best tuition and supervised them to be productive in their chosen profession.
The Vice Rector of Cape Coast Polytechnic Uriah Stonewell Tetteh,  expressed gratitude to Global Host for the project and said it was in line with the school's vision. 


By: Kwamina Bamfo-Agyei
Various health centres in Cape Coast Metropolis have recorded ninety-three (93) cholera cases leading to two deaths.
This was made by the Cape Coast Metropolitan Disease Control Officer Benjamin Amoahkwu. He attributed the high case of cholera to filth that is in the metropolis.
When Central Press went to Abura market the waste contain was full of refuse yet to be collected by Zoomlion and in other areas the picture is the same. Residents in the area have appealed to Zoomlion to be active on their jobs and work with time in helping to clean the public areas.
Mr. Amoahkwu appealed to residents in Cape Coast to be mindful of what they eat since it can result in cholera if care is not taken. He appealed to residents living around the beach to stop using the beach as a refuse disposal and as toilet facility.
In a related development Abura Asebu Kwamankesse District has recorded twenty-five (25) with two deaths this was made by the District Director of Ghana Health Service Mrs Gifty Ankrah in an interview with Ibrahim Adams of ATL FM in Cape Coast.
According to McElroy et al (2009) Cholera is an infection of the small intestine caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae.
The main symptoms are watery diarrhea and vomiting. This may result in dehydration and in severe cases grayish-bluish skin. Transmission occurs primarily by drinking water or eating food that has been contaminated by the feces (waste product) of an infected person, including one with no apparent symptoms.
The severity of the diarrhea and vomiting can lead to rapid dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, and death in some cases. The primary treatment is oral rehydration therapy, typically with oral rehydration solution, to replace water and electrolytes. If this is not tolerated or does not provide improvement fast enough, intravenous fluids can also be used. Antibacterial drugs are beneficial in those with severe disease to shorten its duration and severity.
Worldwide, it affects 3–5 million people and causes 100,000–130,000 deaths a year as of 2010. Cholera was one of the earliest infections to be studied by epidemiological methods.


During the first-half of the year, the Central Region recorded a decline in fatality (death) figures by 20% over the same period last year. However the set target of 10.5% Killed and Seriously Injured (KSI) was exceeded by 33% and 65%respectively. 
Last year three lives were lost during the celebration of Fetu Afahye that involved and MTN official and Cape Coast Polytechnic graduate.  

This was contained in a Press Release by the National Road Safety Commission in the Central Region as part of their preparation for Fetu Afahye.

The National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) extends its best wishes to all road users this Afahye promoting best road safety practices for a successful celebration.

Road safety remains a developmental issue with consequences on our health, tourism, regional image and most of all our growth and poverty reduction efforts. It thus requires a multi sectoral approach and stakeholder involvement to force a reduction in fatalities.

In recent past, during Afahye, there is a lot of driver indiscipline, passenger indifference and pedestrian jaywalking which have resulted in fatal motor crashes. We all need to be law – abiding and halt this unfortunate trend. We have a responsibility towards a successful Afahye celebration and safe road use.

To make the 10.5% KSI target a reality, the Commission is amongst others:

a)   Scaling up outreach and sensitization on Seatbelt usage, Alcohol and drug abuse, Passenger and Pedestrian safety.

b)   Empowering passengers and pedestrians with safety awareness messages in the media.

c)   Visiting transport terminals to ascertain level of compliance with road safety standards and guidelines.

Road safety is a shared and collective responsibility.

Happy Afahye to us all!!!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014


By: Kwamina Bamfo-Agyei
For the past one week the residents of Elmina have been living in refuse since Zoomlion is unable to remove the hip of reuse in Elmina.
According to the Zoomlion Municipal Operations Supervisor, Jery Afoakuah noted that their inability to clear the refuse from the central part of Elmina is due to lack of diesel in Elmina and Cape Coast. He said that there has been acute shortage of diesel in Central Region hence resulting in the hip of refuse in Elmina. He was optimistic that by August 18, 2014 Monday there will be diesel in the various stations for them to buy and clear the refuse.
Some residents living closer to the hip of refuse have appealed to Zoomlion to expedite action to clear the area of the refuse in order to avoid cholera. 


By: Kwamina Bamfo-Agyei
The Twifohene of Komenda Traditional Council Nana Kwahin V has noted that measures have been put in place not to allow citizens of Komenda living in Liberia not to arrive in the area by sea. He noted that currently the navy is patrolling the sea to deter those who do not use the approve boarders in the country.
He however noted that those that have arrived from Liberia came through the airport and are currently monitored bu the surveillance team of the Ghana Health Service. He said the fishing business has not been affected in the area. He called all to participate in this year's festivals since there is no Ebola in Komenda.