Sunday, October 27, 2013


 Kwamina Bamfo-Agyei
Takoradi Polytechnic was adjudged the best among the ten polytechnics that took part in the 5th USA Rice Polytechnics National Competition in Cape Coast.
Takoradi Polytechnic was adjudged the best presentation and innovative. Kumasi Polytechnic had the second position and Temale polytechnic had the third position. Cape Coast Polytechnic who was the defending champion had the fourth position. 
The Deuty Minister for Tourism and Creative Art  Gifa Gomashie has appealed to polytechnic graduates to create jobs rather to seek jobs since they are trained to acquire the needed skill.
In an interview conducted with some of the students they revealed that seeking credit from the commercial bank poses some challenges due to the high interest rate that are charged on loans. They also noted that if their friends or relative see them engaging in their small businesses they refer to them that they have wasted their family resources in educating them in the tertiary institution.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


By: Diana Tekyi-Arhin (CJA)
The Cape Coast polytechnic SRC women’s commissioner, Miss Helena Owusu, in an interview said the program schedule for the women in the semester will be exuberant and that will lease the women feel lively on campus as she promised. She said there will be many activities which will be organized.
 First, there will be leadership training for the women and to educate them on the leadership skills to enable them to come up for students’ governance and other related activities. And she said resource personnel will be invited particularly to educate the women and to encourage  them to know what they can perfectly do  which will be held at coast Polytechnic main auditorium on Friday 25th of October 2013 and this is going to be specifically for the class reps, various denominational, associational and departmental women’s commissioners.
Again, there will be inter-schools “it takes two”, as she promised to set a strong cordial relationship between the schools. She said, is a purposely for bringing the three schools together for them to know each other, which will be done by the each school representative and this is going to take place at the cape-coast polytechnic borsah square on the 16th of October 2013. And this will aid to entertain student and to establish relationship among them. She said as education in C.poly is not all about books, quizzes and examination but entertainments are also part of the entire academic calendar,  any associations, clubs who will be actively involved will get the chance also to promote their clubs and for them to know each other.
Moreover, she said there will be a women’s day for the akwaaba week celebration. A day has been schedule for the women on November 6th, 2013 at the borsah square and her objective is to help women overcome challenges on campus. Speaking to us she said it is a time that the individual student who get involved to have the opportunity to unwind and reflect on cultural and social values on campus. The guest speaker will be Mrs. Magdalene Abakah the former Dean of the school of business who would assist the women in solving problems facing them in today’s world, on the topic “Challenges of Tertiary Education”. This is due to the fact that, campus’ life today has become very challenging. This program will enable them to understand and to fit in any situation they will find themselves.
Miss Helena Finally gave an assurance that she is not going to let the women down; she will be there to assist them and also work hard as she has promised.


By Boadu Fiako & Diana Tekyi-Arhin (CJA)
In a research, a report came on a notice that most of the students of cape coast polytechnic do dress in a shabbily way. This prompted campus journalist association to research on why some students dress informal on campus.
 Miss Diana, In the interview with some students on campus expressed themselves on how campus dressing is and why some do dress that way, a student from sec and management studies  said, campus dressing seem to be normal and does not see anything wrong with wearing shot dresses. According to her she said, she feel okay and smart when she puts on shot dress, she continue to say her dressing does not necessary means she is a bad girl but feel comfortable and good  when she is in that wear and also she said, where the person coming from also exposes the person to that. Some students also express their view that wearing shot make you look sharp and cute more than wearing long dresses, they continue that, the occasion also tells the type of dress you will wear so they cannot just wear any dress to campus.
Some guys also showed their interest by saying, some ladies expose themselves because of attraction, they want to just get attracted  to the guys, but some also said, seeing that of the ladies in short dresses and showing their Brest lease them to look nice and  attractive to them. Some ladies also said, they want to create attention and awareness to know some guys that they are beautiful.
Pascaline from sec. and management studies department also said she feel very impressive and good about campus dressing as compare to T. Poly, Sunyani and Legon theirs are very bad but C. poly here, the way they dress are good especially sec and management department according to her, she said they have standardize way of dressing and if one go contra to the rules the person will be sack from the class and she add that, the HOD of the department Mr. Cujdor always in the watch of their formal dressings. She continues that seeing some of her colleques with short dresses makes her feel bad also because they copy blindly from the white. Some of the students also said, some lecturers do not entertain ladies who wear short and showing of their Brest and guys who also a pull down their shot. According to one guy from accountancy department said lecturers like Mr.Attom and Mr. Aggrey Fynn see to it that students dress formal to their class.
More on, some guys also said to CJA that when they pull down their shots, they feel happy within them. CJA asked them how they feel when they pull down their shorts. Some said, they feel on top and also feel good when they pull down their dress.
Finally, in the view of how students should dress properly on campus, Miss Diana and Mr. Boadu proceed to the fashion department to have an interview with a fashion Research Assistant Ms Nicolet Hammond, according to her, “proper dressing is very important as a individual” she said, there are several dress for several occasion there are some dresses which we wear to wedding and also some as casual wear, the occasion determined its self. She added that students who dress shabbily must dress properly and decent since they are under training to become future leaders. In her speech she said, one must dress to cover the inner garment and not the other way round she said, some students do dress that way because they think they are following fashion. Ms Hammond said appearance talk more about us therefore students must be careful they way they dress and the life style they portray on campus. She continues that, Africans have taken the white man’s culture and which is killing us not to follow our own culture today. She ends that we should move by our culture and not current fashion.
In our research about students lifestyle on campus in dressing, through interview help us to know that some students were brought up like that, they had grown to see people around them dress that way and others too also copy from their friends when they come to campus.


By: Martha Darkey Chinebu; Aminatu Ibrahim and Enoch Maccarthy  (CJA)
 Our environment is one of the important aspects that every student needs to be mindful of. The environment is made up the things around us, for one to live in a healthy condition; there is the need to make sure that the environment is tidy and not only that, but to see to it that the physical health is in a good condition. Most students have developed the habit of littering the environment and other students have also not realized that when the environment is full of wasteful substance the outcome will be very tremendous. However some student on campus dump refuse like banana peels pure water sachet and not mentioning the lecture halls which at times is full of refuse.
The increase menace of wasteful substances has negative effect on our environment. It destroys the beauty of the environment, tarnishes the image of the institution and not only that but it can also lead to the breeding of mosquitoes, environmental degradation and harmful animals from bushy areas. As part of the effort to promote cleanliness on campus surrounding by the campus journalist association, some individuals were interviewed. Below were their opinions towards the environment.

We interviewed a security officer and he made this statement, “I think the environment can be made cleaner than it is at the moment. As to those in charge of making the surroundings clean, they are doing a marvelous job but it’s also up to the students to also preserve the campus environment”.

A cleaner noted that they are doing their best with the cleaning of the campus environment. However the challenges they are encountering include insufficient brooms to aid in the cleaning process. They hope to do a much better job when the necessary materials are made available.

The National Vice President of Promags, he admitted that the dustbins are enough and have been placed at vantage points and this has made the environment neat. The only setback he has with the surroundings is the wash rooms which are badly kept. The sight of the place is so atrocious with a bad stink. A student noted that the environment is neat but a larger portion of the environment is very bushy which serves as a breeding area for snakes and other undomesticated flora and fauna. In addition the trees planted around which aids in providing shades breeds lots of insects and will appeal to the authorities if they can spray those trees.

A visitor Compared C-Poly surroundings to other institution, and commended the institution for   doing a great job. He added “You have a very neat environment and I also observed that dustbins have been displayed at various locations to aid in proper disposal of waste products”.

In conclusion, a lot of people consider we have very neat surroundings and must keep it up. Aside the neatness of the campus environment, some challenges were encountered and these involves; the insufficient cleaning materials, we will plead with the authorities to provide the essential materials for the cleaning department, to reach it maximum tidiness.
Furthermore, it was observed that, though the surroundings were tidy, the washrooms were the reverse. This we will entreat our workers to try and make the place as neat as they can since this is where most contagious diseases can be contacted. We will also appeal to the authorities to provide the workers with the disinfectants to give the washrooms a superior stench.
However, we realize that, some parts of the surroundings were very bushy and we will plead with the authorities to see to that the bushy areas are well weeded.
Finally, as the saying goes that cleanliness is next to godliness we will urge the authorities of the institutions to do something concerning the tress which serves as shades to both students as well as guests. The management needs to provide educational programs for the entire student body to educate them on the dangers of environmental pollution and also put in place certain measures to keep the environment clean. Let us protect our physical environment for a healthy life.


The editor of Central Press narrowly escaped death last night when his saloon car involved in a head on collision with Metro Mass Bus with registration number GW3374Z.
He was in the car with the mother, ...they were coming from Abura around 7:30pm towards Pedu Junction, and apparently the driver drove of his lane and collided with the saloon car with registration number CR116Z.
Kwamina Bamfo-Agyei sustained some injuries together with the mum but they have since been treated and discharged.
Kwamina Bamfo-Agyei gives thanks to Jehovah the grand creator for saving his life and that of the mother.